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April 13, 2021

When it comes to nudity in fashion magazines, North Americans continue to dig their heels while the Europeans continue to dress down in the name of art and style. American-born yet London-based editor of PETRI(E) Inventory 66, Zadrian Smith, weighs in on this controversial subject to help The Genteel get to the bottom of North American's apparent fear of nudity. 

by Tara MacInnis

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In a bid to win hearts (and votes), Parisian politician Natalie Kosciusko-Morizet has published proposals to revamp the city's abandoned railway stations if she is elected mayor later this month. Speaking with Manal Rachdi, one of the local architects behind the designs, Elizabeth Neep discovers how the neglected underground stations may soon become the hottest go-to destination.

by Elizabeth Neep

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It is often said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and yet rarely does society live up to this adage. With the billions spent globally on cosmetics each year in our attempts to recreate modern ideals of beauty, Katie Aske wonders how much we actually understand about the concept of beauty and how it ought to be redefined moving forwards.

by Katie Aske

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In the final instalment of her look Beyond Central Saint Martins, Elizabeth Neep explores how the demanding expectations at ESMOD Berlin push its students to achieve their creative potential whilst upholding the ESMOD community's world-renowned reputation. 

by Elizabeth Neep

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Ten years ago everyone was like, 'How do I bring my offline store online?' and now we are seeing the exact opposite of that
- Briana Palma from
From Site to Storefront

Irene Kim

Toronto, Canada

Irene Kim is a member of the board of Geeky Chic, Inc.

George Elder

New York, USA

George is fashion photographer based out of New York City.

Alina Kulesh

Toronto, Canada

Alina is the editor of frank by The Genteel, freelance writer and occasional portrait painter. 

Mona Chammas

Toronto, Canada

Mona is founder and CEO of Geeky Chic, Inc. and Editor in Chief of The Genteel.

David Walmsley

Vancouver, Canada

David is an East to West coast Canadian currently skulking through the streets of Vancouver.

Chere Di Boscio

Paris, France

Chere contributes lifestyle editorial to The Genteel from Paris.

Semmi W.

Toronto, New York,

Semhar Woldeyesus is writer whose primary reporting interests include design, music and culture.

Cristina Fei

Rome, Italy

Cristina reports for The Genteel from Rome. She is a professional freelance journalist with ten years of experience.

Andrew Adebowale

London, United Kingdom

Andrew contributes to The Genteel from London. 

Grace Carter

London, UK

Grace is Associate Editor at The Genteel and a contributing writer from London, where she has recently graduated with a First-Class degree in English from Loughborough University.

Briana Palma

Dublin, Ireland

Briana Palma contributes to The Genteel from Dublin.

Erin Ridley

Madrid, Spain

Erin hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, but has called Madrid home for the last four years.

Justine Iaboni

Toronto, Canada

Justine Iaboni is known around Toronto as Eurotrash.

Diana Bocco

Bangkok, Thailand

Amanda Coen

New York,

Amanda is a photographer and writer with a love for travel, fashion, design and adventure.

The Bulletin

Insider view of the Anna Sui Spring 2012 runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, including backstage footage. Featuring post-show interviews with designers, buyers, and other industry persons.

Undergarments made of wool?  Discovering the joys and unsung virtues of wool in an interview With&Wessel's Design Director, Michelle Kim.

From the historical and political to even the geographical, the Russian fashion industry has faced its share of challenges to growing in the domestic and international markets. Yet despite these realities, the industry has undergone significant change in recent years and it appears to have finally broken free of its stagnant past., the new online fashion boutique from MOON, headed by sibling duo Tamara and Jordin Mimran, is building the next generation of the Mimran fashion legacy. As young, ambitious and online-savvy as their customers, Tamara and Jordin explain how they're capturing the power - and affections - of Canadian consumers.


What do Louis Vuitton bags have in common with René Magritte's famous pipe? Will Eagle goes on a practical quest in the second hand luxury bag market, and finds himself pondering the philosophical implications of the Japanese Super-Fake, a copy of the genuine article so accurate that no one can tell the difference

It's hard to believe that only 20 years ago, the concept of a fashion industry was not applicable to Russia at all. During the Soviet era, talented Russian fashion designers were working their craft under a centralized system, unwittingly laying the foundations for a next generation of fashion designers that would be operating in a capitalist society. Today, Russia is a country with its own fashion houses, churning seasonal prêt-à-porter and haute couture fashion weeks.

Perhaps the first time you saw it was at the dentist's, cheekily taped to the ceiling. Perhaps it was on the wall at the deli, noticed while waiting in line. Or maybe it first appeared to you in a history textbook. Lunch Atop a Skyscraper is one of the best known American photographs from the 20th century, and yet so little is known about the story behind it. With the arrival of its 80th anniversary, Valerie Lam takes a closer look behind the lens.

The recent multimillion-dollar case of stolen paintings from Rotterdam's Kunsthal Museum probes the question: what makes art theft so illicit?

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Parisian women have long been regarded as the ultimate symbols of elegance and chic. But is this, in fact, a reality? Photographer Baudouin (yes, a one name wonder) sets out to uncover the world of Parisian women, resulting in the eclectic photo series, 75 Parisiennes.

Couture designers will go to great lengths to tell a story. On the runway, sky-high heels routinely help deliver whimsical plotlines - no matter how impractical they appear. Meanwhile, outrageous, experimental archetypes are elevating street style around the world. But could you withstand the pain?

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Vladimir Nabokov, Jackson Pollock, Alfred Hitchcock and Man Ray: men who have shaped the arts in the 20th century. But look closely at their shadows, and you'll see their unsung partners, better halves, and, in many cases, worst enemies - in female form.

When we consider the tumultuous time of World War I (WWI), our thoughts naturally gravitate towards the grief and conflict that plagued the lives of those involved. But what has yet to be universally noted is that the war also brought one of the most fruitful art movements of our time. 

With the recent release of the Yves Saint Laurent biopic we reflect on the brand of today with this video promotion of Saint Laurent's new ballet shoe. 


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