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March 28, 2020


When my husband and I received two of the same Tiffany & Co. crystal vase as wedding gifts this past August, I was hoping to exchange one of them for a piece of jewellery (for myself, in case there was doubt). Despite hours online and in-store, to my amazement, I couldn't find anything that whet my appetite. I ended up swapping our vase for a pair of cufflinks for my husband.

Ironically, while I was browsing the glass-enclosed displays, a gentleman was patiently waiting for a gold necklace to be wrapped for his wife's birthday. "It never fails," he laughed. Really? It's the thought that counts, but surely, I'm not the only woman with eyes for jewellery outside of the little blue box.

With that, here are some distinctive jewellery gift ideas for the women in your life - that aren't from Tiffany.


(Clockwise from top left: Oscar de la Renta, 24-karat gold-plated scroll necklace, US$495; Marni, gold-tone resin floral ring, US$160; Elyona, casted lace bangle - gold, US$185; Dolce & Gabbana, handpainted earrings, US$745)


(Clockwise from top left: Philippe Audibert, Wallaston rose gold-plated necklace, US$192; Oscar de la Renta, knot and tassel earring, US$195; Alex Monroe, All The Best crown & luggage tag, GBP165; J.Crew, metal pearl necklace, US$108)


(Clockwise from top left: Helmut Lang x Grey Area, fake Roley by Shelter Serra, US$40; Tess van Ghert, lava bracelet, US$207.23; Biancospino, porcelain saucer ring, US$41.50; Ineke Otte, 3D printing necklace, C$1,436)


(Left: Cecilia Vintage, owl necklace, US$952.88; Right: Tom Binns, yellow bicolor necklace, C$580)


(Left: Alex Monroe, large chrysanthemum flower ring, GBP180; Right: Yves Saint Laurent, rose gold arum lily ring, C$515)


(Clockwise from top left: Jose & Maria Barrera, baroque brooch, US$365; Dogeared, gold tone guardian angel pin brooch, US$28.14; Anthropologie, hover brooch, US$58; Van Cleef & Arpels, rose de noel clip, price upon request)


(Clockwise from top left: Noemi Klein, tiny rock stud earrings, US$135.50; Topshop, double spike chain earrings, GBP7.50; Alex Monroe, bee stud earrings, GBP105; Gemma Lister, horse earrings, US$55.79)

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