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February 28, 2021

Best Kept Secrets

Photograph courtesy of Les Trois Marches de Catherine B.


As 2012 comes to an end, we pick our favourite Best Kept Secrets of the year.


Downtown Dublin: Tamp and Stitch. An innovative boutique-café in downtown Dublin, Tamp & Stitch seamlessly unites coffee and fashion. Since opening last May, the owners have worked to create a new destination for Dubliners by offering quality coffee and unique, affordable fashion brands in a neighbourhood that typically attracts tourists.


Masamichi Toyama's Tokyo. Haydee Kobe speaks with Masamichi Toyama, the lively entrepreneur behind some of Japan's most beloved brands. He shares his personal favourites of Tokyo - from food and shopping, to the best emerging artists and where to go to be inspired.


Building a Reputation. Rammed with flagship stores and designer studios, Istanbul continues to grow into a top destination for fashion-minded travelers. But while the city's Nisantasi district has traditionally been the fashionable place to be, Galata is emerging as a mecca of eclectic shops with one particular retailer leading the way.


The Measures of Luxury. Just off the main shopping street of Via dei Mille in Naples sits a special atelier where tailored luxury shirts become masterpieces. Cristina Fei uncovers the secrets of the old Neapolitan tailoring tradition.


Sussing Out the Soho of Madrid. When in Madrid, style mavens and adventurous trend dabblers know to go to the often-overlooked clump of traditional barrios, which are centrally nestled between Gran Vía and Alonso Martínez. Here, residents push boundaries socially, as well as in their fashion and lifestyle choices. Erin Ridley guides us through Madrid's key shopping hotspots and hybrid hangouts.


The Fabulous Life of Catherine B. Have you ever wondered what happened to the very first Birkin bag? The iconic piece is now owned by Catherine B., the passionate and opinionated proprietor of two unassuming St. Germain shops named Les Trois Marches de Catherine B. Inside each store lies a treasure trove of vintage Chanel and Hermès dating back to the 1930s.




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