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February 25, 2021


As 2012 comes to an end, we pick our favourite Commentary pieces of the year.


Christopher Raeburn Remade in England. Old escape maps, signature parachute fabric, Ripstop cotton and Amelia Earhart flew together for Christopher Raeburn's S/S 2013 womenswear collection at last month's London Fashion Week. Andrew Adebowale charts the rise of ethical fashion's best-loved poster boy, but wonders whether the ethical tag is starting to wear a little thin. 


The Art of Print. At a time when print books are declining in favour of eBooks, Alina Kulesh explores the coffee table book's growing status as an art item. Art publishing houses, Phaidon and Steidl, have curated a list of must-have coffee table books for The Genteel readers; so go ahead, and judge the book by its cover. 


Perfume and Dudes. Brad Pitt will be the new face of Chanel No. 5 this fall. But, like, why?


Sympathy for the Deceived. In the second act of a career-defining controversy, last week, former Vogue contributing editor Joan Juliet Buck released her own absolution for her now infamous Vogue profile of Asma al-Assad. But will the beleaguered journalist find forgiveness from the fashion fraternity? 


Music Didn't Commercialise Coachella. Only a month after Coachella 2012, an announcement for Coachella's multiple 2013 weekends is expected today. Over the years, Coachella's musical line-up has increasingly been accused of being too commercial. But fashion - not music - may actually be to blame for creating an illusory image of Coachella that has been mass-marketed to cool hunters looking to channel their inner hippies.


Ghosts of Generations Past. What are the cultural markers that define the current generation? Preetma Singh argues that this era is a "trendless" one, feeding off the intellectual and emotional inspiration of the past. 



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