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October 20, 2020



When you think of former Oasis front man Liam Gallagher, the concepts of fine tailoring and men's high fashion likely don't come to mind. You get the feeling that Gallagher himself isn't quite comfortable with them either. But with his three-year-old label, Pretty Green, hitting luxury fashion runways at London Collections: Men on January 7, that appears to be changing.

Sure, it seems like an unlikely pairing. While the volatile musician has said that he has always been a fan of styling his own outfits, he's hardly ever prescribed to any norms, much less those of the sartorial world. He and his bandmate-brother Noel have famously been the centre of controversy with their sibling spats and partying serving as the source of multiple headline-worthy group breakups and make-ups over the years. 

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Gallagher has always done what he wants, though, and it turns out that his foray into fashion - much less luxury - has been no different. In fact, until recently, when he was asked in a 2011 Rolling Stone interview whether he would present at London Fashion Week, he said that it just wasn't his "vibe."

Maybe that's because conforming in general isn't really his vibe. "I haven't got a favourite brand, I haven't got a favourite designer. I like what I like," he told The Telegraph in August last year. He added, "If you like something, you like it, and if someone else doesn't, well it doesn't mean you're wrong, does it? At least you went out and dressed yourself." 

Like many other musicians-turned-designers, from Gwen Stefani to Kanye West, Gallagher has transformed his nonconformist love for fashion into an actual clothing line. The result was Pretty Green, which was launched in 2009. The label echoes his personality: British, rock 'n' roll, unapologetic. Think leather bomber jackets, paisley patterned kaftans, polka-dot scarves. The A/W 2012 collection even draws inspiration from The Rolling Stones themselves, who, in 1971 "combined a Bohemian eccentricity with a dandy elegance," notes the Pretty Green website. But don't expect to find any skinny pants or floral shirts. "Men should look like men, I think," he told Rolling Stone. 

Although the line is inspired by Gallagher's background, he doesn't actually develop the looks himself - a fact he's never kept secret. Instead he delegates that duty to others, including fellow musician Paul Weller. The once guest guitarist and backing vocalist in Oasis's hit song Champagne Supernova now counts himself as a guest stylist for Pretty Green. The line has also collaborated with The Who, producing a limited-edition parka to coincide with the 40th anniversary re-release of the band's popular Quadrophenia album.

With Gallagher appearing to go luxury, maybe he'll even start getting along with his brother.

Despite not creating his own designs, Gallagher still signs off on every piece, saying to The Telegraph, "If it isn't cool it gets binned." He adds: "I know people might buy it anyway and not everyone's me, but that's how it is: you've got to look at every detail, otherwise you'll end up selling s---."

The rock 'n' roll approach to his collection seems to be working; the brand's appeal has been rapidly growing, with two labels to broaden the target audience: the higher-end Black Label, and a more price-friendly, casual Green Label. Gallagher told Rolling Stone, "If it was just up to me, it would just be the Black Label, all proper rock & roll gear. But some of the kids can't afford that, so we give them options with the casual Green Label. The Black Label is more suedes, more rock star-ish. Green is jerseys and denim."

Since its launch, Pretty Green has seen substantial success; it won Best Breakthrough Brand at the 2011 WGSN Awards and in its first year alone it cashed in £4 million. The label has opened 14 shops around the UK, and last summer its first international store in Tokyo. Regarding the Japan opening, Nigel Grant, brand director at Pretty Green, noted that, "This is a huge statement for us and reflects the way the brand is growing and becoming much sought after."

Apparently, the luxury fashion world too is now challenging Gallagher's original outlook on it not being his "vibe." It turns out Pretty Green is actually participating in the London Collections: Men lineup for A/W 2013, and the brand's people seem mighty enthusiastic about it.

Liam Gallagher Oasis Fashion Pretty Green Luxury Kaftan Design

"We are delighted to be a part of the forthcoming LC: M event in January," said Grant to Vogue. "Our event will showcase our journey so far and preview the next Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection. It's going to be a party with attitude reflecting the brands fusion of music and fashion."

With Gallagher appearing to go luxury, maybe he'll even start getting along with his brother. He's hinted at it, anyway, in a recent interview with The Telegraph. "I can't talk to him, but I've never hated him. He's doing his thing and I'll do mine. But I did enjoy our little spats - since we called a truce the world's just boring. It's been hell. We need to get the party started again!"

There's no telling as to whether or not Oasis will see another day or if Gallagher and his brother will ever be chums again. Whatever the case though, when it comes to fashion, and especially luxury labels, he will undoubtedly continue to surprise - even impress - fashionistas, his fans, and in all likelihood himself too.



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