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September 28, 2020


Five x Five: Stacey McKenzie

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Happy faces at Walk This Way Workshops Camp. "Photograph courtesy of Embrace Disruption PR."

Stacey McKenzie is a true powerhouse. Last year, McKenzie put her seasoned skills, major success, and good heart to a great cause with the launch of her first "Walk This Way Workshops Camp" on July 8 2013. It aimed to help twenty young girls learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about breaking in to the arts, fashion, and entertainment industries. 

When The Genteel spoke with McKenzie in 2013, she was understandably thrilled about this program, and we were excited to chat with her about her goals for these girls, the program itself, and the advice she'd give to young individuals trying to break into the arts and entertainment industries.

The Genteel decided to bring this Five x Five interview back from the archives to highlight her intriguing responses and exciting project.

Stacey McKenzie. Photogragh by Eugene Gallegos.

1. Stacey, you've stated that "Walk This Way Workshops Camp" aims to prepare the girls for "the challenges they will face as they pursue their dreams and goals in the arts, fashion, entertainment industries." What do you think are some of the biggest challenges that young women are facing in these industries? 

One of the biggest challenges young women are facing in the fashion and entertainment industry is that they feel the need to conform in order to fit in. A lot of these young women don't have a strong sense of self, or the confidence to be able to handle the constant criticisms they will be faced with in the industry.

2. Tell us what "Walk This Way Workshops Camp" means to you.

SM: I am beyond excited about my Walk This Way Workshops Camp! When I started out, I didn't have someone walking me through the good, the bad and the ugly to become a model. After meeting thousands of models along my journey who were experiencing difficulties breaking into the industry, I made a vow to give back and help others who were on similar paths. I strongly believe we're all blessed with opportunities for a reason and it's our job to help inspire, empower and motivate others wherever we can!

3. What are you hoping that the young girls will take away from "Walk This Way Workshops Camp"? 

SM: I want my girls to walk away feeling empowered, while loving and owning who they are. Newly armed with the education and knowledge we're providing them, the hope is that they'll pursue their dreams and goals in life with confidence.

One workshop group posing for the camera. Source:

4. You're joined by several other successful individuals - CityTV's Dina Pugliese, Actress Gabrielle Miller, and Fashion Designer Shawn Hewson, to name just a few - tell us about some of the workshops/presentations the girls have to look forward to.

SM: Oh my God my girls are sooo lucky! I'm jealous! We are going to have amazing interactive workshops including 'Owning You' which focuses on personal presentation and includes public speaking and personal style. 'Owning Your Craft' - which is an interactive look into Fashion, Design, TV/Film, Media and Music industries.

5. What are your words of advice for these girls and others pursuing a career in the creative industries?

SM: Stay true to yourself. Don't feel the need to conform in order to fit in. Find your niche, and with passion, persistence and hard work, go after your goals with nothing but enthusiasm!

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