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January 28, 2021


Illustration by Fyodor Golan

Various luxury retailers across the globe stock the line and the latest collection, “Belle De Jour,” will acutely focus on a strong female form, using bespoke fabrics and textural details for added emphasis. Often influenced by music and art, the designers have various cultural experiences backing up their label; Fyodor is from Latvia and Golan from Israel. Get to know these creative characters as they speak to The Genteel about who wears the trousers, how they marry passion and opposition and where they like to hide out after Fashion Week has ended. 

1. Who wears the trousers in your working relationship?

Fyoder Podgorny (FP): I think we’re in equal measures when it comes to decision-making - a trouser leg each, so to speak!

Golan Frydman (GF): We definitely share decisions and both have firm views on what we like and want. We’re very vocal with one another and always reason out everything.

Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman

Photograph courtesy of Fyodor Golan.

2You describe your ethos as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. How do you marry your differences together to create a cohesive and successful design aesthetic?

FP & GF: We love working with opposites and we explore that in our design process. It’s about combining the uncombinable, exploring peoples’ and our inner contrast through our concepts. This is what creates energy and stimulates us to progress. We think cohesiveness is less important these days as people do not dress cohesively - it’s all about your inner mood. You can be sexual today and more romantic tomorrow. It’s all about how you feel and that’s how we design. We want to dress our client from the morning going to the office, to special occasions and to the time she goes to bed.

3. What key features should we look out for in your A/W 2013 collection?

FP & GF: Sexuality, sporty, graphic and bold colours - Belle de Jour. 

4. Painting is a constant source of inspiration for your brand. Tell us about your favourite artists. 

FP: This list can go forever…I love Pollock, Gerucault and Turener for their energy and expressiveness in brush strokes and compositions and Vermeer for his still, focused energy and symbolism.

GF: Jake & Dinos Chapman and Rene Magritte because they are amazing.

5. Where is your favourite post-show hangout in London?

FP & GF: Bath in our flat! But we always have family and guests coming around Fashion Week from our home countries so we spend days walking around London and trying new restaurants.



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