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June 13, 2021



When it comes to nudity in fashion magazines, North Americans continue to dig their heels while the Europeans continue to dress down in the name of art and style. American-born yet London-based editor of PETRI(E) Inventory 66, Zadrian Smith, weighs in on this controversial subject to help The Genteel get to the bottom of North American's apparent fear of nudity. 

By Tara MacInnis

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Irene Kim

Toronto, Canada

Irene Kim is a member of the board of Geeky Chic, Inc.

Mona Chammas

Toronto, Canada

Mona is founder and CEO of Geeky Chic, Inc. and Editor in Chief of The Genteel.

Grace Carter

London, UK

Grace is Associate Editor at The Genteel and a contributing writer from London, where she has recently graduated with a First-Class degree in English from Loughborough University.

Alina Kulesh

Toronto, Canada

Alina is the editor of frank by The Genteel, freelance writer and occasional portrait painter. 

Katie Aske

London, UK

Katie is a Ph.D researcher studying at Loughborough University. She has a flare for fashion and loves writing.

Julia Parfenyuk

Toronto, Canada

An East-coast girl by nature but a European at heart, Julia is a Toronto-based freelance writer and editor obsessed with the fashion, culture and art scenes from Montreal to New York.

Private White VC

Manchester, United Kingdom

Private White V.C. is a truly unique British menswear brand.

David Walmsley

Vancouver, Canada

David is an East to West coast Canadian currently skulking through the streets of Vancouver.

Justine Iaboni

Toronto, Canada

Justine Iaboni is known around Toronto as Eurotrash.

Erin Ridley

Madrid, Spain

Erin hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, but has called Madrid home for the last four years.

Semmi W.

Toronto, New York,

Semhar Woldeyesus is writer whose primary reporting interests include design, music and culture.

Chere Di Boscio

Paris, France

Chere contributes lifestyle editorial to The Genteel from Paris.

Sarah Plummer

Toronto, Canada

Sarah Plummer contributes to The Genteel from Toronto, Ontario.

Tara MacInnis

Toronto, Canada

Tara contributes to The Genteel from Toronto.

Julie Rubinger

Toronto, Canada

Raised in a home where fashion appreciation was considered a fundamental principle, from a young age Julie Rubinger understood fashion possessed great value.

It is often said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and yet rarely does society live up to this adage. With the billions spent globally on cosmetics each year in our attempts to recreate modern ideals of beauty, Katie Aske wonders how much we actually understand about the concept of beauty and how it ought to be redefined moving forwards.

By Katie Aske

For the past year, Porter - the first print publication from online luxury retail giant - has been causing ripples across the industry. The glossy consumer publication finally hit British newsstands last week. Grace Carter wonders whether anything new is really being offered to readers within its pages

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In anticipation of London Fashion Week next month, Canadian-born designer Todd Lynn talks to The Genteel about the differences between designing for his namesake label and for international musicians, his views on high street collaborations, his aspirations, and gender blurring in fashion.

By Julia Parfenyuk

It's that time of year again when the mulled wine is brewing on the stove, the house is filled with the heady smell of pine needles and one family member or another is sporting a colourful Christmas hat. As The Genteel team is both global and diverse, we thought we would ask our contributors how they will be celebrating this seasonal holiday - along with if any unusual family traditions will be upheld.

By Grace Carter

With Christmas just round the corner, Grace Carter and I team up with Inverted Edge to help those of you making a mad dash to the gift giving finish line. Our selection ensures every wardrobe crisis is covered, from dressing up for the Christmas Party to styling down during the New Year.

By Mona Chammas

The Canadian Tuxedo, better known as the denim-on-denim look, has evolved from a fashion faux pas to a fashion staple. Given its significance in the context of the Canadian fashion identity, Julia Parfenyuk urges Canadians to proudly own up to this double denim aesthetic.

By Julia Parfenyuk
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