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June 13, 2021


Wunderkammern has become a significant gallery space for urban art, causing pilgrimages to the outskirts of Rome at every opening exhibition. The Genteel caught up with one of its directors, Giuseppe Pizzuto, for this week's 5x5 series.

By Martina Palmitessa

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Martina Palmitessa

Rome, Italy

Alina Kulesh

Toronto, Canada

Alina is the editor of frank by The Genteel, freelance writer and occasional portrait painter. 

Lara Wiedeking

Hamburg, Germany

Lara contributes to The Genteel from Hamburg.

Irene Kim

Toronto, Canada

Irene Kim is a member of the board of Geeky Chic, Inc.

Grace Carter

London, UK

Grace is Associate Editor at The Genteel and a contributing writer from London, where she has recently graduated with a First-Class degree in English from Loughborough University.

Alexandra Sarabia

New York City, United States

With a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Alexandra Sarabia accidentally ventured into fashion when she took a summer class at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Ethical Fashion. She hasn't looked back since.

The art market is moving to the web and, with ArtZolo - an online marketplace, India is taking the stage. For this week's five x five series, The Genteel talks to co-founder Preeti Singhal about art from her home country and the future of purchasing art. 

By Martina Palmitessa

Determined to portray the multicultural and diverse nature of the citizens of Toronto, Colin Boyd Shafer, founder of Cosmopolis Toronto, spoke with The Genteel for this week's five x five series about why the people he interview never smile, his love for the country and the incredible individuals that he has met so far. 

By Martina Palmitessa

Tired of the fast fashion industry, former high school classmates Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi have created Zady, an e-commerce concept based on sustainability and transparency. It was recently named one of The World's 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail (2014) by Fast Company. The Genteel sat down with the founders for this week's 5x5 to find out more.

By Alexandra Sarabia

Francesca Leone has exhibited her paintings at the Venice Biennale as well as in venerable museums all over the world. The Genteel sat down with Leone, one of Italy's most promising contemporary artists, for this week's five x five series in order to learn about monumental painting, the influence of her famous father and her use of water jets in the studio to unmask her models. 

By Martina Palmitessa

He won the HEP Five Original Fashion Contest - Japan's most sought-after fashion competition - in 2010, and is a recent graduate from the Vantan Design Institute; Kei Tsunoji is definitely a name to keep an eye out for. The Genteel spoke with the up-and-coming designer for this week's Five x Five.

By Alina Kulesh

British-based bold jewellery and sculptural womenswear designer, Kirsty Ward, a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins university, is one of the brilliant rising stars of the London fashion scene. With London Fashion Week kicking off today, The Genteel finds out more.

By Martina Palmitessa
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