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June 13, 2021



In a bid to win hearts (and votes), Parisian politician Natalie Kosciusko-Morizet has published proposals to revamp the city's abandoned railway stations if she is elected mayor later this month. Speaking with Manal Rachdi, one of the local architects behind the designs, Elizabeth Neep discovers how the neglected underground stations may soon become the hottest go-to destination.

By Elizabeth Neep

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Graffiti duo Mint&Serf are back at it, spraying and tagging their message of #ANTIPOP in a new exhibit at New York's Bleecker Street Arts Club. But as Semmi W. came to find out, tolerating the unapologetic complexity of their work is an art form unto itself.

By Semmi W.

Turning weapons of horror and destruction into objects of beguiling artistic beauty is no mean feat. Andrew Adebowale met up with the emerging artist that is looking to blow a hole in the London art scene through her use of the hand grenade.

By Andrew Adebowale

In her 60-year career, Edith Head worked on 1,131 films, creating beautiful outfits for some of the most famous women - and men - in Hollywood. Although Head passed away in 1981, her memory and ambition lives on thanks to Susan Claassen and her one-woman touring play titled A Conversation With Edith Head. 

By Tara MacInnis

While it is widely known that fashion is cyclical, how much of what we see within runway designs and glossy advertising is actually repeated directly from earlier sources? Fashion photography website Part Nouveau has been tracking such trends, highlighting the questionable authenticity and creativity demonstrated within modern fashion. Julie Rubinger speaks with creator Lilah Ramzi.

By Julie Rubinger

From pretentious galleries to elitist crowds, the art world has intimidated as much as it has inspired. Yet for Brooklyn-based organisation Art House, a relationship with art should be as accessible as fast food. "Like a taco truck but with sketchbooks," their flagship venture - The Sketchbook Project - tempts everybody to tuck in and devour. 

By Elizabeth Neep

World War I was a time of grief and destruction for many. However, it also brought on one of the most fruitful and creative art movements of our time. Art Gallery of Ontario's (AGO) new exhibition, "The Great Upheaval: Masterpieces from the Guggenheim Collection, 1910-1918", highlights the incredible artwork leading up to and throughout WW1.

By Alina Kulesh
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