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May 25, 2020

Alma Omerovic

Dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch left behind a legacy defined by a unique blend of striking, influential and often controversial neo-expressionist performance techniques that opened up exciting opportunities for daring artists. Alma Omerovic explores the impact of Bausch's achievements and the humanistic message behind her synthesised stage sets and costume designs.  

By Alma Omerovic

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Alma Omerovic

Amsterdam Netherlands

Alma contributes from the vibrant city of Amsterdam, and is an admirer of the art and culture it breeds. She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Art History, having moved to Amsterdam early in 2011 for a fresh start. Born in Serbia and raised in Vancouver, she is a happy globe-trotter with a big heart, who enjoys yoga, dancing, and riding her cruiser in the sunshine.

It's been over twenty years since Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen first visited the remote regions of the former Soviet Union. Over a twenty year period, van Manen travelled extensively throughout Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Siberia, Georgia and Ukraine, capturing the photographs that appear in her sublime new collection, Let's sit down before we go (2011).

First-time buyer Alma Omerovic explores the collection of never-before-seen photographs at the first edition of the Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam. Professional buyer and curator Marijke van der Heijden shares with Omerovic a few valuable tricks of the art trade from her personal lens of experience.

Nordic design has been influential on Dutch culture in the past, but now even more so with the opening of the very first Weekday location in the Netherlands. Alma Omerovic explores the Swedish shop's progressive retail concept and the historical space in which it resides.

We are all familiar with the brand that normalised $4 lattes and made the Frappucino a household name. So what's so different about Starbucks' newest concept store in Amsterdam?

Whistle For The Wind is the first major monograph chronicling the career of 34-year-old photographer, Ryan McGinley - a young talent on track to establishing himself as a generation-defining photographer. The book also features filmmaker Gus Van Sant who collaborates with McGinley in an interview on their views of youth, hedonism and the art of fast living.

Alma Omerovic sits down with Bonne van der Ree from BonBon Boutique to uncover one of Amsterdam's best kept design secrets. 

For French designer Camille Cortet, nature is her greatest source of inspiration. Based in the Netherlands, Cortet's most recent work imitates the transformation of animal skins as they age, seduce and disguise. And, no, this is not another leopard-print, faux-fur campaign.

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