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September 29, 2020

Emma Bussey

In the wake of the construction of the historical One World Trade Center, award winning architect, Galia Solomonoff tells Emma Bussey why a pleasing new wave of architectural awareness has swept over her home city of Manhattan. But also, Solomonoff's design prowess, combined with her vision for the bustling city, has ensured she has become an architectural force to be reckoned with.

By Emma Bussey

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Emma Bussey

New York City United States

Emma Bussey is a British journalist with expertise in the lifestyle, health & fitness, fashion and beauty sectors. As well as being a three-time published author, her byline has appeared in titles such as Grazia, Hello!, OK!, Health & Fitness, Glamour, Look, Woman's Day, More, Ahlan! and Fitness Magazine. Emma's editorial territories span the UK and Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Currently based in New York City, as an expert Emma is affiliated with the talent agency, MediaStars Worldwide.

As the United Nations General Assembly sat in session at UN headquarters in New York City last week, first ladies and fashion dignitaries from around the world converged for the second annual Fashion 4 Development First Ladies luncheon.

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