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October 25, 2020

Alyssa Gill

Nemo's disruption of New York Fashion Week festivities is just one recent example of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns affecting the fashion industry. Alyssa Gill looks into how designers and retailers are dealing with the "blending of the seasons".

By Alyssa Gill

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Alyssa Gill

Sydney Australia

Alyssa Gill is a public relations specialist, freelance writer and blogger from Sydney. Backed by a Masters degree in Communication Management, Alyssa is a creative individual with a passion for couture, music and the health industry. Her ultimate ambition is to make a career of writing both fiction novels and quality articles that convey her bubbly self as well as offering a connection with her readers. She is packing her bags to start a journey internationally later this year and will be bringing you the latest on fashion and design from different countries across the world. Follow her on Twitter: @squibtweets.

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