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September 28, 2020

Beatrice Magri

Beatrice Magri reveals the shopping secrets that keep Italians looking effortlessly chic, without breaking the bank. You will need to be adventurous and ready to wander off the usual Milan-Florence-Rome route. But, along the way, you will discover sight-seeing gems, gourmet hot spots and much more. 

By Beatrice Magri

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Beatrice Magri

Brescia Italy

Beatrice Magri contributes to The Genteel from Italy. A bon vivant enchanted by life, among Beatrice's many passions are art and fashion. Strongly devoted to culinary delicacies, she is a lover of the outdoors, inveterate book reader and attentive observer. A tireless and curious traveller, Beatrice loves to browse through art galleries, snoop around fashion shops and showrooms, discover new designers, peruse markets and wander along unbeaten tracks, all the while enlarging her shoe collection.

The Fashion and Costume Museum housed in Villa Mazzucchelli documents the evolution of fashion in Italy and is home to approximately 5,000 pieces dating from the mid-1700's up to the birth of Italian haute couture in the 20th century. Beatrice Magri guides us through this jewel of Brescia.

With the recent unveiling of Prada's limited-edition costume jewelry collection, the Italian fashion and design worlds have been abuzz over costume jewelry. Anything that sparkles and shines awakens my lust, so I was happy to plunge myself into the history of costume jewelry to better understand this "new" trend.

The name "Hell's Kitchen" is famously attached to a neighbourhood in Manhattan (and to Gordon Ramsey's reality TV show), but it can also be found stitched on bags, stationary and jeans around Verona, Italy - and the rest of the world. 

In December 2005, Italy's largest public spa, Terme Merano, reopened on a sprawling 56,300m2 property on the banks of the Passer river. Beatrice Magri visited Terme Merano for a day of pampering, and left enchanted by the work of Matteo Thun, the spa's interior designer.  

The region around Brescia is well known for its wine. But two creative women in fashion, Chiara Pochetti and Vera Facchetti, have created a business out of another popular beverage: milk.

Brescia's Museo di Santa Giulia is hosting an exhibit dedicated to the work of Italian designer Roberto Capucci, one of the founding fathers of Italian haute couture. Beatrice Magri charts the lifelong achievements of Capucci, celebrated "researcher-artisan," and the first Italian couturier to link the worlds of art and fashion.

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