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May 20, 2019

Layal Al-Haidari

A wedding typically offers the chance to bring a vision to life right down to the finest details. For Kat Ferneyhough, it also offered the possibility of a truly personal project with no restraints and the chance to reconnect with her roots. Layal Al-Haidari spoke to Ferneyhough about her project - designing and sewing together her wedding dress from wedding dresses gifted to her by six important women in her life.

By Layal Al-Haidari

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Layal Al-Haidari

Toronto Canada

Layal Al-Haidari is a Toronto-based artist, writer and filmmaker.  She holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Documentary Media from Ryerson University. In addition to her documentary work, Al-Haidari directs and produces music videos for her rapping alter-ego, "Roxi Diabla". Her debut single and music video "Arabian Dream Queen" was screened at Reelworld Film Festival in April 2010 and can be found on YouTube. Al-Haidari's most recent work is a 45 minute, musical, documentary film called House of God, which examines states of trance facilitated through music, dancing and drugs.  

Paula John is an analog girl in a digital world. The Toronto-based artist works primarily with textiles, sewing and 16mm celluloid filmmaking. On October 2, 2011, she debuted her latest creative project, Celluloid Dress, at ARTA gallery during Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche.Celluloid Dress is at once a dress and performance piece that examines the relationship between the technologies of sewing and 16mm filmmaking.

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